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Locally Sourced Minnesota Produce!

Butcher in apron and hat arranging displ



Thank for you visiting Butch Block Meats in Dilworth, Minnesota!

We strive to bring the local Minnesota meat and produce directly to you.

By establishing connections with local Minnesota cattle farmers and ranchers, we have developed relationships to secure high quality meat for you and your family to enjoy.

Our classic butcher shop feel will bring you back to the era of old school hard working meat shops with that new modern feel.

Stop in today and check out why Butcher Block Meats, in Dilworth Minnesota is your go to for your high quality Minnesota meat!

More Than Just Meat!

Fresh Produce

Here at Butcher Block Meats in Dilworth, Minnesota we are working to bring locally grown produce to your table. Along side with our staple of high quality meat, we also bring high quality carrots, honey, corn, tomatoes and many more local options!

Weather you are stopping by for a steak, or a rack of ribs, Butcher Block Meats also carry's your side dishes to compliment your healthy meals!

Call Us Today: 218-227-7028
Organic Carrots
Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb
Hardworking | Local | Dedicated

Raised in the Midwest, we know a hard days work when we see one. We also know the local farmers and ranchers are always working to provide high quality, local meat and produce.

These ingredients allow us to locate the  hardworking families and friends who have those tender steaks, sweet honey and smooth flavors that you have longed for.

Our dedication knows no bounds. Let us put in the hard work for you by suppling that locally sourced meat and produce you desire!

Stop In: 214 15th ST NE - Dilworth, MN 56529

If you're looking for locally sourced meat in Minnesota, look no further than Dilworth! Located right off of highway 10, we provide an excellent stop on the way home or to the lakes for that lip smacking BBQ you have planned!

We are located in the Rail District, a newly developed area in Dilworth. 

Stop in and let's get to grillin'!

Call Us Today: 218-227-7028
Roasted Corn
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